And the winners are…

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Events, Issues, News, Releases
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Kenya Publishers Association announced the winners of the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for literature at the end of the 12th Nairobi International Book Fair. They are:

Adult English Category: 1st position: Blossoms of the Savannah by Henry ole Kulet (Sasa Sema/Longhorn)
2nd position: Hawecha: A Woman for all time by Rhodia Mann (Sasa Sema/Longhorn)
3rd position: The Big Chiefs by Meja Mwangi (East African Educational Publishers)

Adult Kiswahili Category: 1st position: Kyalo Wamitila’s Unaitwa Nani? (Wide Muwa).
2nd position: Vipanya vya Maabara by Mwenda Mbatiah (Jomo Kenyatta Foundation)
3rd position: Kala Tufaha by Omar Babu (Phoenix)

Youth English Category: 1st position: Walk with me Angela by Stephen Mugambi (Kenya Literature Bureau).
2nd position: Lake of Smoke by Juliet Barnes (Phoenix)

Youth Kiswahili Category: 1st position: Dago wa Munje by Sheila Ali Ryanga (Jomo Kenyatta Foundation). Apparently there was no second or third positions here. A little bird tells me the entries were awful.

Children’s English Category: 1st position: The Prize! by Elizabeth Kabui’s (Oxford)
2nd position: On the run by Mwaura Mwigana (Oxford)
3rd position: A Mule Called Christmas by Nyambura Mpesha

Children’s Kiswahili Category: 1st Position: Kisasi Hapana by Ken Walibora (Oxford)
2nd position: Sitaki Iwe Siri by Bitugi Matundura (Sasa Sema/Longhorn)
3rd position: Ngoma za Uchawi by Atibu Bakari (Kenya Literature Bureau)
Winner in the adult categories each got Sh150,000 each, while winner in the youth and children categories got Sh75,000 each


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