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Posted: October 21, 2009 in Events, Issues, News, Personalities, Releases
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Friends, I have waited for this moment for a very long time (sounds rather cliched eh?) Ok let me rephrase it; I’ve always longed to be a published writer and the dream is almost coming to fruition. My very first book a biography/autobiography – someone tell me what to call it as it is written in the first person – of the celebrated blind athlete Henry Wanyoike ,Victory Despite Blindness (Sasa Sema/Longhorn), should be out today – that is what the publishers told me – and I can’t wait to lay my hands on my copy, er, copies.


They however sent me an image of the book cover, which I am sharing with you. If all goes according to plan, the book should be on sale during the Nairobi International Marathon on Sunday – remember Wanyoike is an ambassador for the race – I will also try my hand at running the 10 kilometer race, purely for selfish reasons.

You can grab yourself a copy from next week at leading bookstores and online on

Now the Swahili have a saying to the effect that Kinyozi hajinyoi – loosely translated to mean that the barber cannot shave himself – I can’t review my own book. I am looking for someone to review it for me to be published here. Any offers?

  1. Muganda Clay says:


    Bring the book. over..can have the review published in ClayCourt or anywhere else soonest.

  2. George Ogutu says:

    This is something big man, biiiiig! Well done. Come and run on Sunday then we’ll see about that review, au sio?
    Keep the books coming.

  3. James Murua says:

    Finally! Please pass me a copy of the book and some “chai” to ensure speedy and fair review of the book he he.

  4. Moraa Gitaa says:


    Isn’t that every writer’s dream?! Congratulations! Can’t wait to grab a copy. The cover looks fantastic & very alluring.
    Keep the literary fire burning.

  5. steve Sitienei says:

    Hey Cousin,
    Really proud of your achievement man, well done for the good job. Keep it up and send me a hard copy to Australia.

    Steve Sitienei
    Alias Ureso

  6. Caroline W. Schumacher says:

    Hey, congratulations! keep up the good job. I’ll be sure to get myself a copy.

  7. Clarkson Kagua says:

    Wao! This is great news. Way to go brother and can’t wait to grab the book.

  8. Wycliffe Khavuchi says:

    Will grab a copy. We haven’t seen many from you guys of the fourth estate .Congratulations!!

  9. Andrew Whaley says:

    Good stuff. Congratulations. I am disappointed I didn’t make it through to Nairobi to get a copy personally of the book – and a picture of you running! I’ll be in Dar es Salaam. If you have a runner going that far, you could send me one – Drewza.

  10. cwanjala1944 says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to buying it, reading it, and reviewing it.God bless you.
    chrisman letters

  11. JKS says:

    Hats off Joseph. Keep at it. You have it in you to write.

  12. N. Karimi says:

    Congratulations on getting published. Long overdue. Hope there are more where that came from. We’re open for business so do come our way with what you have.

  13. Congratulation, its nice to finally read a whole book written by you!!!!. All the best and will grab a copy.

  14. PAUL LETIWA says:

    I only knew Ngunjiri as a book reviewer. He is my mentor. I have learnt alot from him. I never thought he will write a book! I must get a copy, read and review it. Bravo man and keep up the good work!

  15. Mark Gakono says:

    Finally, u get to be reviewed too ! Congrats. Yes the book will be available during the Stanchart Marathon- Seeing is Believing Stand [Wanyoike Foundation] The book retails for Kes 250/- Distribution to key bookshops countrywide started should be complete shortly.

  16. sitienei says:

    congratulations guy.always the sky is the limit.

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